Getting Started: Make Money By Posting On WhatsApp.

To be able to make money on on your WhatsApp, it is important to follow the guidelines to ensure that you are enrolled in the program. This program, require the users’ enrollment and approval to ensure that we are honest with the clients we are working with. This program also which is a WhatsApp marketing program which allow the users to earn money by posting on the WhatsApp. By enrolling in this program, you adhere to work under the Fezamarket Terms and conditions by complying all the policies to toward the vision and mission of Fezamarket. Fezamarket is an online commerce and multivendor platform and through our works, we ensure hat the community is benefiting from us. Not only this way of making money, but also we shall continue to share you various ways of making money while you a home. beginning with this one for WhatsApp, here is the step by step guide for you to getting started:

  1. Download the Fezamarket App.

The first step to getting started is to go inti your play store or app store to download the Fezamarket App on your phone. This is required in your application and for you to continue making money on WhatsApp. This will also help you to easily get updates about the new step to ward successful accomplishing the requirements.

2. Now you have installed the App on your Phone. The next step is to register your account or Login to get started. To this, you need to open the app on your phone, and click on the top right head icon of your app, and choose either to register or login as follow.

As you can see on the above images, you need to choose the relevant option for you if you login or register. The new user must register and verify an account to be eligible to login. It is important to keep your user name, email and password you used signing up, because you will be needing them in the future once you want to login or perform the actions on Fezamarket.

If you are registering by the fist time, you will receive these email automatically after registration. Make sure you check your email to verify your account. You might need to check into spam folder if you do not see the email yet.

Once you verified your account go back to the app to login and proceed.

3. Now you have already verified your account and logged into you Fezamarket account. You can check whether you are logged in by checking on the top right head icon to see if there have made changes. From there, you will see your account. If you click there, you can also see the option called: “make money” as follow:

4. Now, you are eligible to apply. The next step is to click on that option “Make Money” read the details and apply. You need to scroll down to the bottom and choose “Sign up here.” You will get the form to complete the application into the program. Once your application received and done reviewed, you will also receive the feedback from us informing you the next step. That is also where you will be submitting your work once you are done.

For the application form, you will be required to provide your mobile money phone number for getting paid, and other details. Note that there is no minimum withdrawal for the amount of money you will make with this program.

Happy Earning! Remember to shop safely with Fezamarket.

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