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Fast Wireless charger can charge 10W / 7.5W/ 5W (depending mobile model)

3 Charging Coil for larger magnetic area

LED Ring light under the pad for charging indicator

Stand  or  PAD (can be used in car)

Premium leather like material make non slippery and better feel


10W fast charging model: Using QC2.0/QC3.0 adapter(9V,1.67A) is ONLY for

-Samsung Galaxy S9/ S9plus/ S8/ S8plus

-Samsung Galaxy S7/ S7 edge/ S6 edge plus/ Note 5


7.5W charging model: Using QC2.0/QC3.0 adapter(9V,1.67A) is ONLY for

-iPhone X/iPhone 8/ iPhone 8 plus


5W standard model: *Compatible with ALL Qi-enabled devices*



Ø  Wall charger/Adapter not included, Please USE high speed Wall adapter

Ø  Wireless charging doesn’t work correctly with Thick case (ESPECIALLY over 4mm).

Ø  It is highly recommended to check phone’s back (or case) is not attached with any Credit Card, iron, metal, coins, IC Cards, bank cards and other magnetic absorbers

Ø  if INDICATOR LIGHT KEEPS BLINKING: there is some magnetic or metal object close to pad.

Ø  Please align your phone in the center of the charging pad for high-speed charging

Ø  Wireless charger is slower in comparison to wired charging, that will give a better battery life

Ø  Wall Charger / AC adapter with lower output (like; 5v 1A) will not support Normal Charging



Fast charger; 3 coil, chargers 1 phone. Horizontal & Vertical style

Model No.: T11 Solution

Input:9V-1.67A, 5V-2.0A

Output:9V-1.3A, 5V-1A

Transmission distance:<=8mm


Suitable for: All iPhone/Android / wireless charging enabled mobiles.

Material: ABS

Available color: black

Socket Standard: US

Conversion Rate:73%

Packing size: 219*129*49mm

Product size:10 cm


Packaging Details:

1 x 3-coils wireless charging Pad

1 x Magnetic Stand

1 x 1 mt micro USB cable.


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AETXTRA WIRELESS CHARGER PAD and Stand FAST 10W/ 7.5W Apple / Samaung / LG / Qi