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Google Pixel 7a – sea – 5G smartphone – 128 GB – GSM

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Main camera
    Pixel 7a brings amazing clarity and vibrant details to every photo – even in low light.
  • Ultrawide camera
    With a 120������ field of view, 6 get more of the landscape or fit more friends in the frame.
  • Front-facing camera
    Spend less time getting the perfect selfie with a 95������ ultrawide field of view.
  • Photo unblur fixes your pics, even the old ones.
    With a tap, sharpen and brighten picture-imperfect photos – even ones from non-Pixel phones.
  • Easily remove distractions in photos with Magic eraser
    Make unwanted objects or photobombers disappear. Or change the color and brightness so an object blends right in.
  • Details pop out in the dark with Night Sight
    Now it’s easier to create rich, vibrant photos when it’s dark – city lights, portraits in low light, and starry skies with astrophotography.
  • Get amazing closeups with Super res zoom
    The Pixel 7a camera includes Super res zoom. So you can get up close without an extra telephoto lens.
  • Create energetic photos with Long exposure
    Add motion, texture, and artful blurs – including light trails – to waterfalls, crowds, city streets, and more. All without a tripod.
  • Feel seen with Real tone
    Pixel’s camera software has been tuned to accurately and beautifully represent diverse skin tones in your photos.
  • The power and speed of Google Tensor G2
    Google Tensor G2 is the same custom chip that’s in Pixel 7 Pro. Tensor G2 – along with 8 GB of RAM – makes Pixel 7a fast, secure, and efficient, with improved audio calls, great battery life, and amazing photos and videos.
  • Goodbye, spammers and waiting on hold
    Google assistant screens your calls and helps avoid spammers. It shows you the great times to call a business and their call menu options. And it even waits on hold for you.
  • The calls you want sound even better with Clear calling
    Pixel can filter out your caller’s background noise and enhance their voice, so you can hear them when they’re in a noisy place.
  • Translate languages in real time
    With Live translate, you can have face-to-face conversations in 48 languages, chat in real time, and translate menus with your camera.
  • The battery lasts long and charges wirelessly
    The Adaptive battery lasts over 24 hours – or up to 3 days with Extreme battery saver. And it’s easy to charge wirelessly.
  • Extra online protection at no extra cost
    Pixel uses VPN by Google one to help protect your online activity no matter which app or web browser you use.
  • Access your phone with a glance or a tap
    Face unlock or Fingerprint unlock opens your phone quickly and securely.
  • Highe-rated security features
    With Google Tensor G2 and the certified Titan M2 security chip, Pixel 7a is built with multiple layers of security to help keep your personal info safe.
  • Search your whole phone all at once
    Quickly find apps, messages, photos, and other content in a single search.
  • See what you need, when you need it
    At a Glance notifies you with the info you need at the right time, like when to leave for a flight, your boarding pass at the airport, and weather alerts.
  • Your Pixel keeps getting better over time
    Every few months, Pixel gets automatic Feature drops – better features for the camera, battery, calls, and more. So you don’t have to keep getting an other phone.


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Pixel 7A - 5G Smartphone - Dual-Sim - RAM 8 GB / Internal Memory 128 GB - OLED Display - 6.1" - 2400 X 1080 Pixels (90 Hz) - 2X Rear Cameras 64 MP, 13 MP - Front Camera 13 MP - Sea